You want to get your driving license soon

Why will you wait until your 18th if you can start with your 17th?


With us you start with an intest to see how many lessons you need and which lesson pace suits you best. After this intest, the instructor can give you an indication of the number of lessons to be followed to succeed the first time.


If you choose driving lessons at LEEUW, you choose reliability, quality and a high success rate. We have been around for almost 60 years and our RIS instructors have been recognized by the CBR.


  • Driving lesson in English
  • Also for expats
  • Driving lessons lasts 60 minutes and not 50
  • Smoke-free cars
  • RIS instructors
  • No registration fee
  • Minimum age of 16,5

Kies een locatie:

A-Praktijkexamen voertuigbeheersing AVB Data in overleg   Individueel 167,- Voeg toe  
A-Praktijkexamen verkeersdeelname AVD Data in overleg   Individueel 299,- Voeg toe  
A - Intest Motor     1 - 2 69,- Voeg toe  
A - Motorrijles per 60 minuten Data in overleg   1 - 5 51,- Voeg toe  
A - Motor Actiepakket Data in overleg   1 - 2 799,- Voeg toe  

Eerst een voorproefje? plan een intest

Other relevant courses

A practical safety training of half a day, giving you extra time after the wheel. Increase your driving skills with this training. On wet asphalt, you exercise safe reactions to extreme situations. And in the theoretical section, you also learn why the car responds in extreme situations in a certain way.

This training is based on your own vehicle. Do not have your own vehicle? Then ask us for the possibilities.


Other relevant courses

Slipcursus auto

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